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  • Flexible:
    • Set up and/or take down can happen up to 36 hours before and/or after your event.
  • Premium:
    • Quick setup and teardown (1-3 hours before, 0-1 hour after).
    • You provide volunteers to operate the equipment.
    • Requires Staff approval and adjustment. Additional fees of 15-25% may apply.
  • Premium Staffed:
    • We handle setup and delivery, and our staff operates the equipment.
  • Premium Some Staff:
    • Setup and teardown by us.
    • Both our staff and your volunteers operate the equipment.
    • Final quote subject to adjustment.
  • Customer Pickup:
    • Only for small items.
    • Not available for inflatables, rides, etc.
  • Other Plans:
    • Need staff approval.

Pre-Rental Checklist

Setup Area

  • Surface Types: Must be provided when reserving attraction. 
    1. Acceptable: Grass preferred, Concrete, Asphalt, Indoor
    2. NOT Acceptable: Dirt, Gravel, Rocks, etc.…
  • Site Access:
    1. A minimum of 36” unobstructed relatively level path is required to access the setup area. Please Note: Some larger inflatables require larger paths. Please contact us if you have any concerns. 
  • Setup Area Size:
    1. Please ensure the space is to be large enough for the attraction(s), plus atleast 15 feet clearance from Fences, Buildings, Wires, overhanging trees, etc. Sizes are available on each attraction’s specific web page.  
  • Grade: 
    1. Hills & Inclines:  The area for your inflatable set up does not have to be perfectly level: however, a reasonably flat area is desirable. Generally, no more than an 8-inch slope per 10 feet would be considered reasonable. For safety reasons inflatables can never be set up on a hill. A site survey of your location may be available. Please note, Fee’s may apply.
  • Hazards & Obstacles
    1. Underground Utilities: Call 811 to locate your underground utilities.
    2. Underground Sprinklers: any sprinkler heads and/or irrigation lines should be clearly identified. We do not want to damage your sprinkler system when anchoring down our inflatable and will not be held responsible. 
    3. Over Head Utilities: A minimum of 15 feet is required from all overhead utility lines. 
    4. Trees & Bushes: A minimum of 15 feet is required from all Trees, Brush and Bushes. 

Power & Water

  • Electric
    1. Do I need my own extension cord? No, we provide a 100’ 12 Gauge extension if required. 
    2. How many circuits are required: Each attraction identifies the required number of circuits. This information is available on each attractions dedicated web page. 
    3. How Much Electricity Does The Inflatable Use? Our inflatables use very little electricity. Generally, each inflatable has one blower (fan) which runs continuously and keeps the unit inflated. Each blower draws approximately 6 to 12 amps when running. A standard 110 volt 3 prong grounded outlet located within 100 feet is required for operation. It is best that the outlet (or circuit that the outlet is located on) not be shared with any other equipment. If you are renting multiple inflatables, then we strongly suggest that you identify and make sure that additional separate circuits are available within the 100 feet limit. Party On Air does rent portable electric generators if conditions require, however, they are not routinely carried on our delivery trucks and must be reserved in advance.
    4. How Far Away From The Electrical Outlet Can You Set Up? 100 feet is the maximum distance allowable between the inflatable and the source of electrical power. Here’s why: We carry LOTS of extension cords on our trucks and are often asked: why can’t you just run more cord? Simply stated: the longer the distance the greater the loss of power. Even with the heavy duty commercial grade extension cords we use, the voltage drop over 100 feet is significant. The fan motor which keeps the inflatable inflated requires a set amount of voltage at all times. When an excessive amount of cord is run, the voltage drops causing the fan motor to run slower and hotter. This can result in 1) tripped circuit breakers and/or fire 2) fan motor failure 3) slow fan motor speed and inadequate inflation. In cases where the set-up location is more than 100 feet away we will require the use of a portable electric generator. Party On Air rents generators for $69.99/day, however, they are not routinely carried on our delivery trucks and must be reserved in advance.
  • Water
    1. Is Water Included? NO, all attractions that require the use of water will require a water source for operation. 
    2. Water Hoses: Party On Air, does NOT provide water hoses. You are required to provide a water hose from your water source to the attraction. 



COVID-19 Safety Action Plan

For over 7 years Party On Air has made the safety of our clients, guests, and employees our number one priority. We have taken all necessary and recommended steps to ensure we are living up to that commitment. As the concern over the COVID-19 coronavirus grows, we are taking the following steps to protect us all.

  1. Instituting extra cleaning and disinfecting of our rental equipment. Party On Air has always cleaned rentals prior to our events but moving forward we will be cleaning and disinfecting prior to breakdown as well. We are doing this to combat the travel and transport of potentially harmful germs and pathogens that may end up on our equipment throughout an event while it is in direct contact with guests and the public.
  2. We are addressing and training all our staff in ways to keep guests and themselves safe. This includes:
    • Proper handwashing technique and frequency
    • Proper social distancing techniques
    • Equipping all our staff and vehicles with alcohol-based hand sanitizer
    • Educating our staff to know symptoms and keeping them home from work if they show any symptoms, as well as providing additional sick days to ensure they are not putting themselves, guests, or fellow coworkers at risk

As we navigate through the situation, we will be monitoring and updating our staff and protocols daily. If you have any questions regarding what Party On Air is doing or can do to help your event remain safe and successful, do not hesitate to ask us.

Thank you for your continued trust in Party On Air as a valued event partner. We look forward to serving your next event.

All the best,


Joe & Ashley Wesley

Party On Air Xtreme Inflatables, llc
471 Whirlaway Drive
Danville, KY 40422



Yes! All of our units are cleaned thoroughly. We are committed to making sure that your children are playing in a clean, well maintained, and safe environment. After each rental, every unit is thoroughly cleaned by commercial vinyl cleaners, disinfected, and sanitized. Once the unit is clean, it will be inspected to ensure cleanliness.

All of our units are made from 100% lead free vinyl. Safety is not an option, it’s a REQUIREMENT, and the safety of your children is our #1 priority.

Everything! Our units are a perfect addition to any party, event, or celebration. You can find one of our vast selection of bouncers, water slides, and interactive units at occasions including but not limited to: birthday parties, church festivals, charity events, corporate events, company picnics, school field days, grand openings, family reunions, Vacation Bible Schools, summer camps, and much more!

Under no circumstances should water be used with any inflatable that is not designed for such use. However, there are inflatables designed for use with water.  

Our inflatables can be set up on grass, cement, concrete, asphalt, or even indoors with a different anchoring system available for every possible combination. When placing your reservation, please let us know on what type of terrain your rental will be installed. Inflatables that are setup on grass are anchored with long steel stakes, while inflatables that are setup on other surfaces or indoors are anchored with sandbags.

We have a tiered cancellation policy based on when we receive your written cancellation notice:

  1. More than 45 days before the event: If you cancel more than 45 days before the event, you are responsible for 25% of the total entertainment fee, minus any retainer you’ve already paid.

  2. 7 to 45 days before the event: If your cancellation notice is received between 7 and 45 days before the event, you are responsible for 50% of the entertainment fee, minus any retainer you’ve already paid.

  3. 48 hours to 7 days before the event: If you cancel between 48 hours and 7 days before the event, you are responsible for 75% of the entertainment fee, minus any retainer you’ve already paid.

  4. Less than 48 hours before the event: If you cancel less than 48 hours before the event, you will be required to pay the full entertainment fee (100%).

Please note, all cancellations must be given in writing.

Weather Policy

Party On Air retains the right to postpone or cancel any event based on projected weather conditions. Any event scheduled on a date that is predicted to have any of the following conditions may be delayed or cancelled, either by Party On Air or the client:

  1. Winds or gusts of 20mph or more
  2. Precipitation or rain forecast at 50% or more
  3. Any other conditions deemed hazardous

All forecast data will be gathered from the NATIONAL WEATHER SERVICE. We prioritize safety. If conditions are considered potentially dangerous to your guests or our equipment, we will recommend that you cancel or delay your event.


Hot or Cold Weather
Party On Air will not offer refunds or credits if the weather is deemed “too hot” or “too cold” during the event. We will provide recommendations based on our experience regarding which equipment works best under certain weather conditions, but the final decision to book is the customer’s responsibility.

Weather During Party
If there is a greater than 50% chance of rain forecasted for the customer event time, Party On Air will allow the customer to choose whether to cancel or postpone the event. This decision must be made before our crew departs from our warehouse. Once the equipment has left our warehouse, the customer is responsible for 100% of the rental cost – NO REFUNDS, NO EXCEPTIONS! Party On Air charges for time rented – not time used. Even if your guests only utilize the equipment for a brief period due to weather, the full balance must be paid.

Here are the responsibilities and guidelines for an inflatable attraction attendant:

  • Supervise the safe operation of the inflatable at all times
  • Read and understand the safety plaque and operation information
  • Pay attention to users at all times and be alert
  • Stand in a position where you have a clear view of riders
  • Never leave users alone without an attendant
  • Follow the age restrictions and user requirements specified on the inflatable
  • Demonstrate and enforce proper sliding technique as shown on the safety plaque
  • Do not allow use of the inflatable during inclement weather
  • Prohibit climbing, jumping against, or playing near the sides or wall netting
  • Do not allow rough play inside the inflatable
  • Enforce a ban on food, gum, drinks, pets, body paint, silly string, or sprays inside the inflatable to prevent damage
  • Ensure that riders do not exceed the maximum weight, height, and number of riders specified on the safety plaque
  • Prohibit sharp objects inside the inflatable
  • Do not allow anyone who has or might have physical problems, or who is under the influence of drugs or alcohol, to use the inflatable
  • Require riders to be properly dressed and to wear socks to avoid skin burns

By following these guidelines, the inflatable attendant can help ensure that the inflatable is used safely and responsibly, and that all users have a fun and enjoyable experience.

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